As Entertainment Attorney, I Look after Your Creative Needs

January 8th, 2014

What is an entertainment attorney?

An entertainment attorney is an attorney that serves the entertainment community. At Creative Law Network, we are entertainment attorneys that also specialize in law for the creative arts.  Entertainment attorneys represent actors, musicians, bands, production companies, dancers and artists.  We also represent chefs, managers, agents, publishers, distributors, clothing houses, product placement companies – any person or company that has a stake in the entertainment or creative industries.  Our entertainment attorney in Denver covers all of these professions, including non-profit organizations.  We function as the legal department for creative people and organizations throughout Denver.

Can’t I represent myself?

Of course you can… in the same way you can build your own house, launch your own five-star restaurant or design your own car.  All joking aside, yes you can act as your own entertainment attorney in Denver, but why would you want to?  As a creative, your focus is on your creative pursuits.  We are trained to prepare and negotiate contracts, protect your interests and advise you on legal matters as they pertain to your craft.  You could spend hours poring over long and complicated contracts, get tied up in tricky negotiations, or feel helpless if a studio or employer violates your rights.  Or you can rely on us, the Denver entertainment attorney specialists that have the skills and experience to fully manage the legal aspects of your career and business.  We are happy to work behind the scenes to help you succeed.

Where can I learn more?

A great place to learn more about entertainment lawyers and what they do is through HowStuffWorks.com.  Their article, How Entertainment Lawyers Work, goes into detail about the many different (and dare we say, fascinating!) aspects of what it takes for us to be entertainment attorneys in Denver.  The article mentions the Viacom/Google lawsuit, the Nas album fiasco, and the infamous writer’s strike, but also points out the more routine aspects of entertainment lawyer work, such as research, working with unions, and keeping the public interest in mind as well as our clients’ interests.

Why should I call Creative Law Network?

As our name implies, we are a different type of law firm.  We represent creative people and creative businesses.  Those in entertainment and/or creative fields face unique challenges; we know this because we have experience in these fields.  When you are looking for the best entertainment attorneys in Denver, you can have confidence in us.  We are here to help you because we passionately believe in what you do.  We want to represent you because we want you to focus your business so we can help you succeed.  From heavy metal bands to quaint cafés, from fashion houses to watercolor artists – Creative Law Network is the law firm that can represent them all.

Sounds great! How do I get in touch?

As the entertainment attorneys of choice in Denver, we are happy to offer you a free consultation.  Call us at 720-924-6529 or use the handy contact form on our website.  We look forward to helping you with everything from intellectual property law to licensing and everything in between.

Intellectual Property in Colorado Deserves Protection

January 7th, 2014

Have you ever had a great idea?  Perhaps you dreamed up a great new brand or you came up with the plot for the next world-famous novel.  These ideas are called intellectual property.  It may seem strange to consider an intangible idea as “property”, but there is a good reason for that – property can be stolen, and so can your ideas. Creative Law Network knows a good idea when we see one. Intellectual property law in Colorado is one of our passions.  If you have ideas, we can help you protect them and help you turn your dreams into reality.

Who can have intellectual property?

Anyone and everyone can have intellectual property.  Anyone with an idea that can turn into a profitable venture has intellectual property.  Intellectual property law in Colorado is designed to protect those ideas, whether you are a seasoned professional, a school-aged genius, a restaurateur, a playwright, a lawyer, a dentist – intellectual property law protects everyone.

But why do I need to protect my intellectual property?

Why do you need to protect your physical property?  The loss of anything valuable to you is painful and your great ideas are no different.  Where would J.K. Rowling is if someone swiped her idea of a boy wizard that fought evil while growing up in a boarding school among magical friends? Nikola Tesla is a different example.  Tesla’s work was stolen, by none other than Thomas Edison.

The Tesla/Edison feud is noteworthy and a favorite subject of historians and writers.  It is also a cautionary tale that very neatly proves our point.   Edison has allegedly taken credit for the hard work of many scientists that worked under him and Tesla was no exception.  For many years, it was Edison whose name was lauded while the significant contributions of Tesla were slow to come to light.  Tesla died poor and in debt despite his many great ideas.  He may not have been the best with his money and he did obtain patents, but his story could have been different if Edison had credited – and paid for – the innovative work Tesla did on his behalf.  Intellectual property in Colorado needs to be protected.  If we were around in the days of Tesla, you can bet we would have offered to keep his ideas safe and sound!

How can Creative Law Network protect my world-changing ideas?

We use the intellectual property law in Colorado to protect your ideas, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets by registering them with the appropriate agencies.  These agencies include the U.S. Copyright Office, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and international trademark registration offices worldwide.  Once your intellectual property is registered, we can pursue legal action if someone tries to use or take your ideas.

How can I learn more?

For a free, private, personal consolation about intellectual property law in Colorado, call 720-924-6529.  You can also visit our website where you will see that we are more than Colorado intellectual property law advocates – we strive to protect the rights and assist with the legal issues of all creative people and organizations in Colorado.

Everyone has something to contribute and your idea may be a game-changer.  The consultation is free, so why not pick up the phone and protect your intellectual property today?