Law for the Creative Arts

Law for the Creative Arts is our specialty. It’s what we do. Law for the Creative Arts encompasses counseling creative individuals and businesses with a variety of specialties in a host of different industries. It means providing legal services to creative people and companies. Creative people, or “creatives”, include what we traditionally think of as “artists”: authors, musicians, photographers, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, fashion designers, lighting designers, actors, writers, cinematographers, videographers, screenwriters, dancers, composers, and, well, you get the idea. A creative is also any person that considers their work an art form. This includes inventors, chefs, craft brewers, micro distillers, restaurateurs, managers, agents, directors, producers, engineers, publishers, teachers, and entrepreneurs of all types. Our business clients are creative companies: production companies, agencies, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, non-profits, charities, promotions companies, festivals, placement companies, clothiers, studios, distributors, publishers, publications, design companies, development companies, and the list goes on and on. Creative Law Network is the “legal department” for all these creative people and businesses in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Summit County (Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon) and Eagle County (Vail, Avon, Edwards)!