Creative Law Network works with clients to help protect their interests and best position them for success. Our services include:

  • Law for the Creative Arts – To say we practice “Entertainment Law” implies that we only work in music, film, and television. We do all that. And a lot more. Creative Law Network practices Law for the Creative Arts, employing our expertise to counsel creative individuals and businesses with a variety of specialties in a host of different industries.
  • Intellectual Property Law – Every person and every business owns intellectual property. We help our clients evaluate their intellectual property assets and rights. It’s our job to protect our clients’ intellectual property and guide them in capitalizing on those rights.
  • Business Law – At Creative Law Network, our clients are businesses set on achieving their goals. That could be an artist in the entertainment business, an entrepreneur in the Internet business, or just about any person with an idea for success. We address business problems with creative solutions and represent our clients in every scenario.
  • Trademarks – Trademarks include names, logos, designs, and taglines, like brands, products, services, and insignias. A trademark may be a business’ most valuable asset and communicates important information to clients and customers. Trademark law can be very complex and Creative Law Network understands all its nuances, providing our clients with the best options and guidance.
  • Copyrights – A copyright exists in every creative work, from a song to a poem to a drawing to a video. Copyright also protects business documents and materials. Creative Law Network helps clients protect and exploit copyrighted works so that they can make the most of their business.
  • Entity Formation – Just starting a business? We know what that’s like. Forming a company provides the foundation for the future of your business. We help our clients choose the proper path and make the right choices to ensure they are prepared for all the challenges and triumphs ahead.
  • Contracts – The business world is based on contracts and a good contract can be your best protection. We know that contracts full of “legalese” can be daunting and confusing so we spell it out in plain English. Creative Law Network specializes in preparing contracts for all sorts of business transactions, protecting our clients and providing for their success.
  • Licenses – Transacting business is often about exchanging rights and those exchanges must be documented properly. A good license agreement can mean the difference between a successful venture and a failure. At Creative Law Network, we ensure our clients have documents and agreements that ensure their success.
  • Confidentiality and Trade Secrets – Trade secrets are valuable assets that must be handled with care and planning. At Creative Law Network, we understand the relevant laws and ensure our clients’ information is protected.
  • Negotiations – At Creative Law Network, we understand the “art of the deal” and employ the skills to make sure that our clients come out of each negotiation feeling like winners. We are our clients’ zealous advocate and will use finesse or force to get the job done.