Trademarks include names, logos, designs, and taglines, like brands, products, services, and insignias. A trademark may be a business’ most valuable and important asset. Countless hours and endless resources can be spent promoting a trademark – making sure that people know your name, your company, your product, your services, and your brand. Trademarks must be handled properly!

Too often we see people that don’t value their trademarks or don’t know how to protect their trademarks. At Creative Law Network, our trademark attorneys provide excellent trademark counsel and protection including expertise in federal trademark registration. Trademark registration begins with a personalized, professional, comprehensive trademark search. Our trademark attorney in Denver, CO will provide the trademark search and a detailed trademark search report. We will also prepare your trademark application and customize your trademark application to give you the best chance of securing a federal trademark registration. With your federal trademark registration in hand, we’ll help you make the most out of that valuable intellectual property!